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    Tattoos are an amazing way to express your passions and turn your body into a work of art. Many people stress the importance of making sure a tattoo is meaningful and something you can really commit to, because hey, it’ll be there for the rest of your life. Personally I love the culture of tattoos and their importance to their owners, but I dislike the idea that you have to layer all kinds of meaning into your body art. Tattoos can still be exciting even if you don’t want them to be a part of you forever—maybe they just express who you are today, not who you will be tomorrow.

               That’s where laser tattoo removal comes to the rescue. It’s nice to try to get a tattoo with lasting significance, but in reality, people change every second. Maybe the band that meant the world to you when you were eighteen isn’t so special to you anymore, and having their lyrics tattooed on your body feels a little silly now. Laser tattoo removal takes away the need for regret and shame or having to cover up outdated tattoos. You no longer have to commit to a life decision when you get a tattoo; instead, your tattoo can be a work of art that can be erased if you decide it is no longer for you. Tattoo removal can save your career if that sleeve you had done in college is now keeping you from getting your dream job. There are a million reasons why someone might change their mind; laser tattoo removal saves you from having to live with regret.

               Laser tattoo removal has the power to truly change body art culture. Many tattoo enthusiasts preach that a tattoo should have timeless meaning; if you don’t think you’ll like it in ten years, they say, you shouldn’t get it. But how can you be sure how you’ll feel in the future? The ability to eventually get a tattoo removed allows people to go above and beyond and get the elaborate and expressive tattoo of their dreams. If someday the tattoo is a burden on you, you can remove it as easily as you can take out a piercing or dye your hair. Go ahead, experience the freedom of expressive body art, if that’s what you love today. If that changes tomorrow, you won’t have to regret what you once wanted.

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so i was eating some of those sugary gross conversation hearts. (they were on for $1 at work) and I was reading them.

they say like ‘cool’ and ‘ur cute’ and then suddenly


I think the factory workers need help

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